by Reality

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I already know There is a Glitch in the system you shoot your laser beams but I block em with my prism, I could see the Truth through my third eye vision doomsday coming territorial division If you a could boy better change ya decision cause the (P)ublic (E)nemy boys wanna come and take ya living. And don't trust the media the news cast fibbing chiraq boys is dying and the governments is grinning. When I die I want these words to be a prophecy flying through the sky terminal velocity. In some streets crime is over capacity but cops still ain't coming through I guess they lack the audacity they wanna fill ya third eye with acid kill each other off while they sit living placid but when the revolution come they'll be running the fastest journey off to mars and leave us in the vastness.
Ware fare is not new to humanity but we killing off friendly's and we're doing it savagely drive by and launch lead at him rapidly and the finger staying clench until he reach his fatality, man this is reality and the government really wanna doubt actuality that on some streets peace is an abnormality but the pain and the hunger is a normal generality. Murder capital since 1985, second amendment pull triggers to survive asking how we got em when they know that they supplied your the one who made us enemy so take pride. They itching scratching to drop the uranium you could live here born here they still treat us alien.


released 10 August 2014



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